How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, practice practice…

It is May 11th and I have been working through a very active semester but would like to set some things in motion regarding writing. I just want to write, plain and simple, but like all skills sometimes you just need practice. I cleared the century mark on rejection slips for stories and novels this year. In a weird way this feels like an achievement.

I’m beginning to adhere to something I read in one of Kurt Vonnegut’s autobiographical short pieces where he expressed concern and sympathy for anyone trying to make a living writing “these days.” He wrote the piece toward the end of his life and explained that back in the day you could support a family as a writer and make a fairly good, if modest, job of it. But as time has passed the writing market has gotten tighter and tighter and there are more types of media that now compete for time that was once spent reading newspapers, magazines, and books. This is the case but I am not so sure if writers haven’t always had to maintain a back-up plan for their finances at any given time. Seems like a tough gig and it is very, very hard work.

At any rate the constant cycle of submitting stories, waiting for the review, collecting the rejection slip, or (in some cases this can be worse) getting published but for a token or no payment can be tiring. Also, I’ve been published and then the magazine suddenly stops publishing and the story never sees the light of day. This has happened to me on three occasions. Then you feel like you and your story are on the Titanic and you’ve just slipped below the icy waves, clutching your manuscript.

And I don’t want any of this to take the fun out of writing. So for now I need a break from all that and just want a place to go and write and have fun.

At any rate this isn’t so much a blog where I pontificate and opine on daily woes (not that there’s anything wrong with that) so much so as a place just to post writing that I have done and maybe articles and photos of things I find of interest.

Just a good place for me to practice, practice, practice….and that’s all, really

.carnegie hall 1890

(Carnegie Hall 1890 from


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