May 13th. It was a warm day today. Spring is here. They’ve been putting down plenty of mulch before Commencement Sunday. The mulch smells warm and earthy and rests there in the back of your nose as if the scent wants you to follow it home to some primeval woodland. It makes me start to think of the Adirondacks and summer.

Silver Lake, 1986 – 2009

When we unlock the new old cabin’s door

Spring is a sudden hammer-fall

And the chopping of wood

Sends birds aloft

Startled from reverie

We are newlyweds again

And living large in a future just barely glimpsed.


Summer arrives to

Settle with a veil of unstoppable light

The season lands quietly in the birch forest at dawn

And comes forward like a lover’s embrace

The repeating days are always new

Through sepia windows we peer outward

Almost familiar faces captured startled in old photographs.


Timepieces on wing write their new history across the crisp sky

The birds tell us the world is changing

The woods offer a brief final shout of color and life

A party at the end of days when remembered light gave warmth

But we wallflowers sit in the corner holding hands

Outside on the wind the parchment tells of words and deeds and time.


The clouds are so heavy it is hard to tell the transition

Between storm and sky

Roads leading away are closed but less so by snow than perhaps by silence

It is a day shared by thoughts

And memories

A wrestling against Time

And only we shall know the outcome.



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