May 17th…a few days ago I went to the supermarket. I usually go to the local Mom & Pop grocers. A few remain where I live. Scrappy little shops with well-stocked shelves, tight aisles, and friendly owners. This gives me hope although I might liken these tiny shops to the primeval mammals that scurried around the feet of dinosaurs. Nothing new perhaps, but maybe the harbingers of a coming resurgence.

This supermarket is in a large mega-plaza and as always I park as far from the doors as possible. I like the exercise and even a short walk is better than none. Needless to say my auto was fairly isolated. I had walked about thirty feet when I suddenly felt as if I was crossing a gravel beach. There was a lot of sand, grit, pebbles, and debris all around. This rather noticeable patch of aggregate stone also included some litter: crushed cigarette packs, broken glass, flattened plastic bottles, a faded Happy Meal toy, and weather-worn scraps of thick curved papyrus that had once proudly held beverages at Starbucks.

Then I started to laugh! I suddenly realized that the pan I was crossing was where the snowplows had likely piled snow and ice just a few short months ago. It reminded me of a poem I had written:

“Icebergs on Asphalt”

When January arrives

The icebergs appear

Across our winter-hardened landscape

Tall and unyielding

Vast piles of snow

Scraped up by yellow dinosaurs

Unseeing in the midnight glare

Sitting white upon black asphalt seas

We cautiously navigate our way to a parking space

Ever mindful of the Titanic

And wonder what those icebergs will reveal

Come the springtime melt


…well, now I guess I know!

please note that the photo above was taken by photographer Lynn Davis and is called Iceberg #23, Disko Bay, Greenland, 2000. 

More can be found here:


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