I saw the movie “Passengers” today. It was a good story, well-paced, and it stayed consistent with the premise. I liked Chris Pratt’s performance and the moral dilemma he faced halfway thru the film. Jennifer Lawrence was very believable and did a great job especially when she was faced with the movie’s great reveal (which I won’t give away). Also, there was very little techno-babble and it was a very human story. The movie’s starship was quite beautiful in design and it seemed to follow the laws of physics (no faster than light speed, rotation to produce gravity, etc). The characters had to solve problems and save themselves. It had a generally positive message. Bonus: No laser guns or gratuitous violence to be seen. Bonus 2: A mechanical engineer has to save the day. 5 stars.

(Note, the image is concept art by Guy Hendrix Dyas who was the production designer for the film. More about his work and the ship at Wired online:



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