We went to the 10:40PM showing of “Arrival” tonight. I’ve been wanting to see this film and this showing was literally the last one in our area. If I hadn’t waited I probably would have seen this film 2 or 3 times. It was amazing! A hard science fiction film for grown-ups. The film was directed by Denis Villeneuve based on a screenplay by Eric Heisserer. It had a moody, thoughtful, and intelligent plot.

I went with my  daughter the budding linguist and she was excited by what a wonderful job Amy Adams did as the protagonist. It was impressive to watch as pieces of the alien language were put together. The performances were very good and the subtleties and nuances of discovery were quite well-directed.

This film really went against the grain in terms of current shoot-em-up SF/F films. It was very well thought out and optimistic. The puzzle of the alien language kept it interesting. There was a brief homage to another of my favorite films, “2001,” when Jeremy Renner’s character reached out to touch the mysterious ship’s hull. I had been told this movie was good but it was really in a category by itself. I don’t want to give anything away. I’ll just put it down as 5+ stars.


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