Last night was a Ray Bradbury kind of walk: sun setting purple and red amid gray clouds scattered like lost ships before a storm, deer walking their hooved shadows across silent roadways, tall corn whispering summer secrets to those who scamper furry and four-legged among knobbled roots, old wood frame houses with sepia light in the windows and someone running an honest-to-God player piano. I could almost hear the clink of ice in the tall glasses of lemonade. The fireworks were long over and the gunpowder smells had faded like a lost memory. Only the soft scent of grass clippings and pine trees herald this night. Summer is here and many an opportunity for a long evening stroll. And still not too late to pick up “Dandelion Wine.”


photo title: “Officer Painter Patrols Main Street., Stanley, Virginia. 1956” by Winston Link


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